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WELCOME TO AUDIT COMMISSIONERATE. | Corrigendum To Tender Notice No. 01/2016 Dt. 03.08.2016 Download/View |MCM scheduled for 15th July 2016 is postponed to 19th August 2016 for both months June & July 2016 |


Mr. V. Valte
Commissioner (Audit)
Central Excise & Service Tax
Audit Hdqrs., Lucknow


Welcome to Audit Commissionerate

The objective of revenue administration is optimising revenue collection as per law and increasing the level of voluntary compliance. Towards this objective tax audit plays a crucial role. Tax Audit is an examination of whether a tax payer has correctly assessed and reported their tax liability and fulfilled their other legal obligations

Tax audit aims at detecting non-compliance of tax laws and promoting voluntary compliance. Audit also guides and educates tax payer on the application of tax laws and improvement in record keeping to improve overall compliance level.

AUDIT- Guiding and Ensuring Tax Compliance